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Say Goodbye to Complicated Tools and Tedious Spreadsheets

Get 10 times more clients while spending 10 times less time with an all-in-one solution that centralizes all your coaching needs. Enjoy these benefits to focus solely on what matters: transforming your clients' lives.

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Only for Dedicated Fitness Coaches

The tool that will truly impact your coaching

Get More Clients

Gain more clients by saving time with an all-in-one solution that centralizes all your coaching needs

Simplify Your Daily Management

Automate scheduling, billing, and progress reports for more performance and less effort.

Gain Time to Coach

Free up time to focus on what you love: coaching and inspiring your clients.

Create Your Fitness Programs

Custom Design
Create programs tailored to your clients' goals and capabilities.
Total Flexibility
Adjust sessions in real-time based on your clients' feedback and progress.
One-Click Sharing
Send programs directly to your clients with one click.

Exercise Library

Comprehensive Collection
Access a vast library of exercises for all types of training.
Custom Exercises
Create and add your own exercises, accessible only to your clients.
Multimedia Support
Add animations, videos, and photos for clear instructions.
How Does It Work?

Start in Less Than 5 Minutes

To get started, simply choose a plan and click start (yes, that’s it)

01. Choose Your Plan

Select one of the plans listed here and click "start". We will then ask you to proceed with the payment.


02. Create Your First Program

Design a custom fitness program with our intuitive tools. Simplicity and efficiency at your fingertips.


03. Test It and Share It with Your Client

Evaluate the impact of your program in real-time and share it with your client for an exceptional coaching experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers.
Yes, we offer a free plan so you can discover all the essential features of our platform. Try Ekklo at no cost and see how it can transform your coaching.
No, your clients have no fees to pay to use Ekklo. As a coach, you are the only one billed according to the plan you have chosen. Enjoy our platform fully worry-free for your clients.
Absolutely, you have the option to add your own exercises to the platform and integrate them into your personalized workout programs. Create a training environment that reflects your unique style.
Yes, Ekklo is perfect for in-person coaching. You can prepare your sessions on the platform and send them to your clients before meeting them for training. Simplify your preparation and enhance the live experience.
You can easily remove a client by accessing their profile. If a client is temporarily unavailable, for example due to an injury, you can set them as 'inactive' so they can no longer access their sessions while retaining their fitness data. Maintain complete control over your client list.
You can cancel your subscription in just a few clicks from your user profile. Simplicity and flexibility are at the heart of our service.
Yes, you can change your plan at any time directly from your dashboard. Adapt your subscription to the evolution of your needs.
Ekklo is a platform for fitness coaches who want to grow their business. You can create training programs, track your clients, and much more.