Frequently Asked Questions about the usage and features of the Ekklo platform

Yes, we offer a free plan so you can discover all the essential features of our platform. Try Ekklo at no cost and see how it can transform your coaching.

No, your clients do not have to pay anything to use Ekklo. As a coach, you are the only one billed according to the plan you have chosen. Enjoy our platform without any worries for your clients.

Absolutely, you can add your own exercises to the platform and integrate them into your personalized training programs. Create a training environment that reflects your unique style.

Yes, Ekklo is perfect for in-person coaching. You can prepare your sessions on the platform and send them to your clients before meeting them for training. Simplify your preparation and enhance the live experience.

You can easily remove a client by accessing their profile. If a client is temporarily unavailable, for example due to an injury, you can make them "inactive" so they can no longer access their sessions while retaining their training data. Maintain full control over your client list.

You can cancel your subscription in a few clicks from your user profile. Simplicity and flexibility are at the core of our service.

Yes, you can change your plan at any time directly from your dashboard. Adapt your subscription to your evolving needs.